Stories (9098 Stories)

Title Rating Hype Words Created
Worm: Artifice by NathanAllenBaker on AO3 109 4 0
Runic Taylor by Grimmatt on SV 0 0 5.5K
Unbound Para-Servant [Fate-kind-of-crossover] by Yuki no Yue on SV 272 6 163K
PunMaster's Original Title Indicating The Presence Of Snips by PunMaster on SB 14 17 40K
Melodious Quiet [OC] by NotTheBaptist on SB SV 22 8 52K
Monster Maker [Nilbog] by SelfPoweredYellowLantern on SB 0 0 8K
When you wish upon a star... by Pineapple_Inc on SV 0 0 2.6K
Forging Ahead [Celestial Forge] by Benvoli0 on SV AO3 110 57 29K
Hybrid Hive: Eat Shard? [Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha] by CmptrWz on SV 1648 40 750K
Under The Cerise Skies [Steven Universe] by GravityMassUniverse on SV AO3 84 12 270K
Lesion [Arknights] by Estro on SV 216 55 94K
The Shard Shrouded in Shadows: the tale of Arcanotech Artificer [Dungeons and Dragons] by theirishdreamer on SB 597 50 330K
Zero to Five by Fox_In_A_Box on AO3 7 4 7.5K
Olympians by JustKoon on SB SV 52 173 22K
The Day that Will Never Come [Warcraft] by Evilreader on SB 168 560 6.7K