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Title Rating Hype Words Created
Rule 3 Side Story: Undersiders looking for Group by anothvortex on AO3 3 24 0
The First Seal by The Conquerors on SV 0 0 3.3K
Shade by YseultNott on SB SV AO3 50 50 3.1K
The First Seal by ConquerorZ on SB 0 0 3.3K
Maniac by RocTheWind on SB 22 11 13K
Doormaker Dog [Celestial Forge] by Sono on SB 273 78 23K
The River Keeps Running by YseultNott on SB SV AO3 122 30 13K
Bugs in the System [Digimon] by Killer Wombat on SB SV 20 2 19K
A Dimensional Tinker Screw up [X-Overs] by MagicalGeek on SB SV AO3 44 220 16K
Forward by keighthundred (slicernce) on AO3 55 372 9.2K
Marvelous by OneSingleStep on SB SV 40 26 90K
Forward [Post-GM] by keighthundred on SB SV 130 866 9.7K
Mimic by Ghost666 on SB 10 66 13K
Summon, Summon [Harry Potter] by KalicoFox on AO3 31 156 6.1K
Intuition [Heroes] by ShayneT on SB 1584 234 280K