Stories (9508 Stories)

Title Rating Hype Words Created
Ancient Blood by DevilAreBack on SB 0 0 1.9K
Haven't Thought of A Title by Lazily Lazy on SB SV 11 5 5.4K
Worm and Friend of Worm by cooldownnow on SB 39 195 12K
Lady by Pale Wolf on SV 0 0 4.4K
Doormaker Dog [Celestial Forge] by Sono on SB 507 35 100K
Injection [Cultivation QA] by Alivaril on SV 644 805 21K
Worm/Original: Living Metal by VoidKindred on SV 0 0 2.2K
Worm/Original Fiction: Kindred Armies by VoidKindred on SB SV 17 37 2.6K
Marked [Dungeons and Dragons/Eberron] by Potato Nose on SB 649 21 200K
Junk Head [Junk Emporioum Celestial Forge] by Melakias on SV 436 51 200K
The Most Dangerous Gamer [The Gamer] by chimmon on SB AO3 673 56 314K
Ring-Maker [Lord of the Rings] by LithosMaitreya on SB SV FF AO3 1472 17 390K
Re: Incarnation [OC] by leech2321 on SB SV AO3 32 81 31K
Robots, Property Damage and Nanites by GloriousKeyboard on SV 332 89 11K
Celestial's Entertainment [Celestial Forge] by Xolsis on SB SV 564 32 410K