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Title Rating Words Created
We Appreciate Power [Peggy Sue] by bagelbirk on SB 90 26K
ERIC [Ward Illustrated] by maroon_sweater on SB 0 200
Fractal [Ward Taylorcentric] by frantic on SB SV 299 26K
Steel Hands [MCU] by cg99 on SB 367 33K
A Cape in Konoha [Naruto] by Morgan Arc on SB 876 86K
The Spider of Brockton Bay [Spider-Man] by markerpenn12253 on AO3 1 812
Wyrm of the Apocalypse by Supasoulja_X on SB 64 120K
Tactile [SI] by Zuexcil Chilua on SB 76 52K
Hobo King [SI] by Beetz on SB 237 21K
Trailblazer [Gundam] by 3ndless on SB 502 370K
Grit - What Shall You Sacrifice ? by Abyssal_light on SV 0 15K
Mauling Snarks by CmptrWz on SV 1036 1.3M
Aces and Jokers [OC Insert] by Stewart92 on SB 0 14K
Daily Life of a Teenage Maid [MAID] by FacelessDoll on SB 0 6.8K
FacelessDoll's Snippet Theatre by FacelessDoll on SV 40 22K