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Title Rating Hype Words Created
Brew [Rigel Black Series] by ElsinHaganeko (dainpdf) on AO3 8 21 0
Guestman's ideas and snippets by Guestman on SB 46 0 159K
The Before and After Effects of a Tea Party [Fate/stay night] by justanotherpear on AO3 0 0 1.6K
Bird by Racheakt on SB SV FF AO3 432 3 192K
Titania [FairyQueen] by LoZCollector on SB 254 4 16K
Phoenix's One shots, snippets, and plot bunnies [Harry Potter] by Darkphoenixlady on AO3 66 2 165K
The Nobody Man - Rewrite by PenPirate on SB SV SV 38 14 26K
Tabun by Adronio on SB SV 71 19 19K
Crystallized Insanity [SCP SI] by rocketmce on SB 409 77 51K
The Lonely War by Clarissa (Clarissa13) on AO3 57 7 45K
Inventive Inspiration [Xeelee Sequence] by Echidna_201 on AO3 32 5 36K
Shyfan's Snips and Oneshots Gallery [My Hero Academia (Anime] by Shyfan525 on AO3 19 19 18K
Sophia Hess Goes Too Far [one shot] by Knight_Sky on SB 38 1 13K
The First Step Is The Longest by Zira on AO3 248 4 19K
Robot Stop by epeboch on AO3 13 0 3.2K