Stories (7755 Stories)

Title Rating Words Created
Lady Cop by WhyWhyNot on AO3 0 184
Unrelated Worm One Shots by YseultNott on SB SV 0 1.8K
Panem et Circenses by henghost on AO3 34 34K
Jaune Pendragon's worm snippets and ideas by Homura Kami on SV 60 60K
My Glorious Slush Pile [With snippets] by Fabius Maximus on SB 97 340K
Hardlight by TemporalKnight on SB FF AO3 421 38K
From Mortal to Divinity by Servant Ambrosius on SB FF 273 170K
Life's A Total Crapshoot [Annette Hebert with powers] by Aurora Moon on SV 202 63K
The Worm Saint by Yuki no Yue on SB 55 51K
Redoubt [OC] by Plum Colored Blazer on SB 24 15K
Abyssal Plain [Parahumans Pact] by ManMagnificent on SB 155 51K
Snuggles the Symbiote [Marvel] by Rater202 on SB FF 648 210K
Gnawing Gorgon [Stranger Things] by Pridakarbiter on SB SV 83 8.1K
Projection Quest by Bowler Hat Guy on SB 244 170K
Julia From Brockton Bay: A Refugee's Story by Meester Lee on FF 2 29K