Stories (5928 Stories)

Title Rating Words Created
Picture, If You Will... by Shandromand on SB SV FF 166 38K
Pride by Babblefish on SV 136 54K
Worm Ficlets, Wolfe Edition by Jonn Wolfe on SV 50 9.7K
Outsider [40k SI] by The Yondant on SB 0 3.8K
Gods and False Idols [ITZY] by henghost on AO3 0 1.6K
So, I'm a Spider. Flat, 'What?' [Kumo desu ga nani ka] by throwaawy on SB FF 429 49K
My Glorious Slush Pile [With snippets] by cg99 on SB 73 140K
Feed [Hellraiser] by frustratedFreeboota on SB SV 107 19K
Outsider [Darkest Dungeon] by IroiGamiya on SV FF 50 22K
Worm: Blanket aka The Diaper Changer by ScottotheUnwise on SV 328 240K
To Walk in Shadow [Book of Amber] by Marsyas on SB SV FF 292 91K
Tonight, She Comes [Hancock] by moonrakerone on SB SV FF 235 73K
Molt [Post-GM Time Travel] by Moliblazer on SB 0 6.8K
World Trace [SI Massive] by Akallas von Aerok on SB 176 19K
A Practical Guide to Escalation [Practical Guide to Evil] by NotZiz on SB 539 63K