Stories (9335 Stories)

Title Rating Hype Words Created
Ouroburos [CYOA V2 SI - Perk Comic-Book Pretty] by En-chan on SB 0 0 1.9K
Broken Adventure by theaceoffire on SV 846 17 983K
Eidolon Quest by CoolCatmanC on SV 46 23 11K
Your Father's Son by YseultNott on SB SV AO3 17 174 480
Queen of Rats [Dresden Files] by Partizan on SB 419 27 395K
Kagemoto's Writober 2021 [Fate/Grand Order] by Kagemoto on AO3 30 46 18K
Freeze by mewCoyote on AO3 1 24 0
All Bite and No Bark by mewCoyote on AO3 4 84 0
Administrative Mishap [Supergirl] by OxfordOctopus on SB SV AO3 1013 47 590K
A Champion Time by Nahliel on SB 32 29 12K
The Ramblings Of A Mad Man: AKA The Obligatory Snippets Thread by Mat92 on SB SV 8 13 9.8K
Melpomene, Thalia [Trese] by Intrigue_Diablo on SB 21 32 17K
Wiki Warrior by LMeire on SV 904 32 290K
Child of Monsters by Zerrer on SB 356 19 250K
Hurt [Inspired by Johnny Cash Song] by Nemesis13 on SB 351 65 11K