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Title Rating Words Created
Reverb [SI] by The Orchestral Inventor on SB 0 1.3K
Cauldrons contents [Snipper thread] by Its_a_cauldron_plot! on SB 9 19K
Magical Girl Escalation Taylor [Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha] by Silently Watches on SB SV FF 774 520K
Worm Piece [One Piece] by RavensDagger on SB SV AO3 470 65K
Paper Tiger - A Siberian SI by ABitToTheWest on SB SV AO3 489 27K
Haven't You Heard? I'm Hebert by DeathSummon on SB FF 85 2.2K
Taylor the queen of blades [Starcraft] by GreenLantern on SB 8 5.5K
Imagine Chimera [Beastars] by RoyalNoises on SV 74 6.9K
DADA by frustratedFreeboota on SB SV 139 34K
Senki Zesshou Symphogear WXD Unlimited [Senki Zesshou Symphogear] by Rigged Bomb on SB 49 69K
Bad Girls Do it Better [Multicross Conference Call Spin off] by Lifeofgesture on SB SV AO3 51 6.9K
Taylor, Daughter of the Void [League of Legends] by Ttran2323 on SB 279 25K
Watching A Daring Synthesis by DarkDragoG on SB 0 2.8K
The worst Fanfiction ever written [Touhou Project] by Mephiles666 on FF 3 3.2K
Just Claws by Vhalidictes on SV 474 46K