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Title Rating Hype Words Created
Team Technicolor [RWBY] by Immortal_Lurker on AO3 55 53 0
Antediluvian: A Vampire's Assistant by denheim on SB 265 757 14K
Soulmate Stories [Bastard] by Something234 on AO3 0 12 28K
Greg and Wormmon by Lazyman12 on SB SV AO3 29 5 30K
Proj-Elle-ction Quest [Projection] by FFSCC-Frag Returns on SB 74 29 15K
Like Light Through a Warped Lens [Project Moon] by theGoudaFather on SB 51 72 28K
The Weaver's Web by Fabius Maximus on SB 1386 66 150K
A daring synthesis [Gamer] by Ironypus on SB FF AO3 950 8 268K
Croissant Emoji [Snippets Thread] by justaloser on SB 0 0 9.2K
Simply A Projection [Projection] by Refure on SB 92 70 110K
Weak of Body, Strong in Spirit [Rain World] by SquamousHorror on SV 34 18 2.3K
Might and Magic [and Mirelurks] by FantasticCheese on SB SV 54 98 32K
Saved By Waifu by CasualDarkSouls on AO3 144 17 215K
A Young Girl's Descent Towards Insanity [Youjo Senki] by LSLR on SB 0 0 900
The Archivist by Pelicanidae on SB 193 39 370K