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Title Rating Hype Words Created
Age of Mystery [Fate/stay night] by blunotepassion on AO3 33 21 0
Age of Mystery [Fate] by fanjdenj on QQ 16 10 13K
Swordplaying for Fun and Profit [Mostly fun] by TheRealWoburn on SB 121 484 15K
Russian Caravan by ReavingBishop on SB SV 92 28 300K
World of Steel - Cyberman!Taylor [Doctor Who] by MattHarrisFF on SB SV AO3 26 264 13K
A cry in the Night by Nile on SB 8 9 25K
Wormstuck2 [Homestuck] by literateAmateur on AO3 9 1 1.2K
Narrator / Yet Another Gamer Fic by Fishes on SB 0 0 590
Worm/High Fantasy quest, name pending. [Dungeons and Dragons mechanics] by LordsFire on SB 202 19 150K
PsychoTinker [Cyberpunk] by Thunderas on SB 50 166 5.8K
They Call her the Devil [Halo] by thedinodude on SB 59 49 5.4K
Welcome to the Glass Castle [OC] by YseultNott on SB SV AO3 11 15 3.6K
WALK [Hellsing Abridged] by TDR on SB 1008 50 80K
Being a Cape is a Calling [OC] by notbirdofprey on SB SV AO3 32 19 8.2K
A Young Girl's Criminal Record [Youjo Senki] by TorontoTowers on SB 777 79 73K