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Tascion's Snippets Thread by Tascion on SB 104 100K
Intergalactic No Fault Collisons [Star Wars] by caliiro on SB 335 330K
A cosmic divine Entity wants to destroy the world! again... [Shin Megami Tensei series] by Hejtan on SV 30 19K
Imperator Somnium by Knight of the Round Bagel on SB 0 3.6K
Sleep Apnea [Wild Card] by Zephias on SB 0 3.5K
A Tarrasque on Bet [Pathfinder] by BrotherBrain on SB SV FF AO3 82 48K
Shipwreck by Lightwavers on SB 0 1.4K
Zero [My Hero Academia] by RoyalNoises on SV 0 2K
With Lightning and Fury, a Worm/Godbound Story by tehelgee on QQ 0 0
Cochinelle - A red blooded Worm Quest by hghwolf on SV 6 4.1K
Revenge Solves Everything [Dishonered] by Inkbones on SB 26 8.6K
The Power of Metal [Brutal Legend] by BlazeTheMaxim on SB 22 11K
My first CYOA AKA Let's hope I learn how to fly this plane before it crashes by SparkkleS on SV 46 18K
Tinker of Fiction [Sort of] by Monk Penguin on SV 74 20K
For My Pleasure [Fate/stay night] by Psychoghost on FF 284 41K