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Title Rating Hype Words Created
Summoner by SomeoneYouWontRemember on AO3 846 76 0
Wingstuck by ApatheticTangerine on SB 127 84 25K
Weary Wanderer Side Stories [Final Fantasy XIV] by SmartAlek on AO3 4 96 4.1K
Wound [Post-Ward Amy] by SprialHelix on SB AO3 44 10 110K
Luck of the Draw by Masterweaver on SB 9 45 4K
Architect of Infinity by The_Chronomancer on AO3 65 218 35K
What Hides in Shadows - A Worm Creepypasta by Beastrider9 on SB 82 126 71K
Spirit of Sisterhood [OC] by Sierra101 on SB SV AO3 69 30 91K
Gaia's Retaliation [Jumpchain-variant] by Marauder_Barriers on SB 157 10 120K
The Wandering Gamer [OC Wandering Inn] by chimmon on SB AO3 259 60 59K
One of billions [SI] by Bra300 on SV 30 1 4.8K
Tinker Rating Kaboom! by SouthofRedPaws on SB SV 397 15 46K
What's the Frequency, Madison? by Swordchucks on SV AO3 QQ 208 173 31K
Hatching A Heist [Story Version] by RecursiveMontage on SB SV AO3 50 1 53K
Fivefold Integration: A Worm Multicross by Kyreneryk on SV 156 5 170K