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Title Rating Words Created
Adaptation [Dragon Ball Z] by ShayneT on SB FF AO3 580 210K
Pride by Babblefish on SV 86 19K
What Not To Do When Angry [Monster Hunter] by Demented Frog Noise on SB 124 9.7K
Chaos Theory: A Worm SI/Eventual Multicross by KnightofTempest on SV 48 4.1K
Ship of Fools: A Taylor Varga Omake by Derek M on SV 0 30K
Luminous [OCs Divergence] by Relyet on SB 0 7.4K
PCT Cup 2 Snippet Compilation Thread by babagaia on SB 0 10K
Mauling Snarks by CmptrWz on SV 1036 970K
My Glorious Slush Pile [With snippets] by cg99 on SB 73 100K
Space Tortuga's Booty Emporium [Review Thread] by frustratedFreeboota on SB 37 31K
New World Monsters in a Newer World [MHW] by The Yondant on SB 0 550
This I Protect [Rising of the Shield Hero] by Lordpanther14 on SB SV 151 14K
By One Sting by VereorNox on SB SV 502 23K
Bladeruler's Plot Bunny Sacrifice Circle [Ideas] by Bladeruler on SB 0 2.7K
Nuka-Girl: The Lone Teleporter. [Or That time found herself in the Fallout Universe] by Aurora Moon on SV 0 8.1K