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Title Rating Words Created
Y'all Are Stupid REDUX [Pokemon] by Jsyrin on SB 246 71K
Living The Dream [Kirby] by stabbyGamer on SB 299 96K
A CYOA in Worm or I think my name is No No by rajvik_wolfboy on SB SV 98 50K
August Bravery [W Bravely Default Second] by JonBerry on SB 105 160K
The Big Book of Evil Ideas and Stories by Virgo with Cheer on FF 1 7.0K
Veni, Vidi, Vici [Friend Insert ft Gabriel] by Birdsie on SB 213 460K
Superwhitey's Worm Snipthread by superwhitey on SB 13 17K
Guardians Snippets and Oneshots by TrueGuardian32 on SV 2 7.5K
A Different Dragon [Yakuza] by Tokoz on SB 194 8.1K
Gwendolyn Takes a Wrong Turn [Spider-Man] by GreviousPridakArbiter on SB SV FF 209 19K
Scaling Up by Kryslin on SV 632 52K
Harlequin [Warhammer] by MightyAlpaca on FF 3 831
Rouge Rogue's Scarlet Snippets [Snippet Thread] by Rouge Rogue on SB 0 7.2K
Fate/Grand Worm [Fate/Grand Order] by Morgwino on AO3 2 1.3K
Tower of Adamant [Dresden Files] by GreviousPridakArbiter on SB SV 137 7.5K