Stories (7934 Stories)

Title Rating Hype Words Created
This is going to be such an ADVENTure! [XCOM2] by Wolfund on SB 120 25 110K
Taylor Hebert is You by Loctamail on SB 165 150 26K
A Separate War [OCs] by iridium248 on SB 32 10 70K
The Womb and the Covenant by YseultNott on SB SV AO3 30 60 2.7K
Visitors From Afar [Trollhunters] by Fabius Maximus on SB FF 181 82 120K
Heroing and Villaining, Taylor's Snippets by Slider by TemporalKnight on SB FF AO3 234 35 39K
Four's a Party [Mage Demon Queen] by Argentorum on SB 1464 348 44K
Victories of the Soul [Multicrossover] by AEM on SV 252 18 610K
What lies beneath? [Dont Rest Your Head] by Victorian_Irish on SB 164 164 25K
Eden's Edge [Sonnie Edge Love Death and Robots] by WhoAmEye on SV 494 61 190K
To the Side of Darkness by Ryan DD Durnell on SB 31 29 5.7K
The Worm Saint by Yuki no Yue on SB 58 3 60K
Worm: Artifice by NathanAllenBaker on AO3 70 6 55K
Rise of the Runelords [Pathfinder] by Stratagemini on SV 34 170 8.7K
Cleansing Shadows by LordDespoiler on FF 3 60 2.4K