Stories (8151 Stories)

Title Rating Hype Words Created
Ropes Course by lyrisey on AO3 36 8 0
A Dungeon in Worm by Death Doggz on SB 15 60 3.4K
Jaune Pendragon's worm snippets and ideas by Homura Kami on SV 62 1 84K
Crystalized Munchkinry [Shard SI Fix-it] by syndrac on SB 250 555 29K
The Shadow of the Lich [Adventure time] by The Propa Orky Reda on SB 21 140 10K
Villain of Another Story [Post-GM Jump] by Bowler Hat Guy on SB 116 331 8.3K
The Villain of this Fable Is Not the Dragon by YseultNott on SB SV AO3 2 48 380
See My Worm by Simon_says_fly on AO3 2 48 9.2K
Visitors From Afar [Trollhunters] by Fabius Maximus on SB FF 227 44 170K
Whats a Triangle to do? [Gravity Falls] by Displayed emo on FF 12 84 2.9K
Beyond the Veil [JoJo] by RealityGod on SB 22 73 4.9K
Guns and Glory [Destiny] by Sailing_the_Skies on SB AO3 103 54 16K
The Meek Shall inherit the Universe! by Axle on SB SV FF 27 0 67K
Of Smiles and Atoms by GoreslashDOW on SB 8 2 5.4K
Modify [OC] by epeboch on SB 29 2 3.7K