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Title Rating Hype Words Created
Melodious Quiet [OC] by NotTheBaptist on SB SV 6 10 22K
Gotta Trump Them All [CYOA] by TheSavage2 on SB SV 81 95 17K
Cobalt [RWBY] by breakingamber on AO3 6 26 1.0K
and walked into the sky by YseultNott on SB SV AO3 45 34 4.6K
Revenant [Supreme Commander] by Songless on SB 834 8 290K
Paper Tiger - A Siberian SI by ABitToTheWest on SB SV AO3 602 24 62K
High School Abusical by Chartic on SB SV AO3 94 30 28K
Broken Adventure by theaceoffire on SV 746 18 680K
Bugs, Death, & Chainsaws [Chainsaw Man] by Haste on SB 73 162 17K
Not Like Home! [My Hero Academia] by Wolfgang99 on AO3 32 49 7.8K
Taylor Has a Strange Hobby [Yandere] by BlueNine on SB SV 1045 56 58K
Umineko/Worm Quest: The Golden Witch by TheManW/oAPlan on SV 26 57 5.4K
Oh Good Hunter [Bloodborne] by IKnowNothing on SB 494 32 130K
Orderly by Obscura_of_the_House_of_Moon_and_Star on AO3 67 33 70K
Small Snippets by twosmall on SB 28 0 55K