Stories (6245 Stories)

Title Rating Words Created
Letters from New Siam by Hopeful Penguin on SB 0 5.5K
The Hero by Daphne Greengrass on SB 36 39K
Wile by tkjarrah on AO3 10 1.9K
Terrier by S0ngD0g13 on SB 247 24K
The Queen in a New Hive [Pokémon] by thehatterofmad on SB FF AO3 13 7.6K
My Glorious Slush Pile [With snippets] by cg99 on SB 73 210K
THUS SAITH THE LORD [Biblical Plagues] by Jsyrin on SB 393 5.9K
Magical Girl Escalation Taylor [Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha] by Silently Watches on SB SV FF 642 400K
Avatar Taylor by Dalxein on SB 54 34K
Taylor's Primarchs [Warhammer] by The Propa Orky Reda on SB 237 59K
That Time A Slime Saved the World [TSSDK] by ericwinter on SB 345 32K
Unbound Para-Servant [Fate-kind-of-crossover] by Yuki no Yue on SV 92 38K
Episode II-X: Jumper: First Ten Jumps [Jumpchain] by The_Unaligned_Player on AO3 3 22K
The Usurper [SI] by Sol_invictus_2042 on SB SV 112 27K
The World is Saved... Now What? [CYOA] by Mizuki_Stone on SB 206 25K