Stories (9245 Stories)

Title Rating Hype Words Created
Mythological Summoner by Levelgap on SV 66 57 31K
Any Means Necessary [Fate/stay night] by EiriFllyn on SB SV FF 837 14 290K
Eden's Edge [Sonnie Edge Love Death and Robots] by WhoAmEye on SV 764 29 350K
Erasure: A BNHA SI w/ Canon-Divergence, MATURE by En-chan on SB 51 20 7.4K
A Helping Hand by manicMagician on AO3 276 112 25K
Me, Myself, and I by GreatWyrmGold on SV 0 0 1.4K
The Alchemist [FMA-esque powers] by TheFridgeLogician on SB 199 306 19K
Worm Crossover Challenge Book [BoBoiBoy] by Captain_Valkyrie on AO3 11 5 1.5K
This Is Mine Redux [Youjo Senki] by iolande on SB SV 0 0 2.1K
Worm: Artifice by NathanAllenBaker on AO3 117 4 170K
Savant Syndrome / A Wormfic with Lots of Magic Involved by Doctor Gabriel on SB SV 315 76 260K
I Woke Up As a Dungeon, Now What? [Dungeon] by Aku-dono on SB SV 1739 26 350K
A Simple Dream [Highschool DXD] by Lazily Lazy on SB SV AO3 86 20 7.4K
Chimichangas to the rescue [Deadpool] by Evilreader on SB 163 75 6.3K
Melodious Quiet [OC] by NotTheBaptist on SB SV 24 4 61K