Stories (5544 Stories)

Title Rating Words Created
The Grim Noir [1920s] by RavensDagger on SB SV 136 14K
Hero Complex/Deuteragonist by Grubleafeater on SB 0 1.4K
Animus by altearther on SB SB SV 57 63K
A Deck full of Worms [Kamen Rider] by TheTwoMind on FF 0 1.3K
Intrepid by Cerulean on SB SV FF 334 690K
H & T Prank the Multiverse [Harry Potter] by Steve2 on FF 76 39K
Heist by ScienceGeeky on AO3 9 12K
Power Coil - WORM CYOA V1 [SI] by Homura Kami on SV QQ 0 2.4K
How I saved the World Without even Lifting a Finger.Worn CYOA by Homura Kami on SB 0 2.5K
In the Cauldron [My Hero Academia] by dgj212 on FF 3 5.0K
That What Walks [Fate] by fallacies on SB SV 249 31K
Pride by Babblefish on SV 64 10K
Fallen Leaves On My Path [One Piece OC Insert] by redwarmshade on SB 0 7.4K
Sad Lips on a Sad World [D D SI in] by Akallas von Aerok on SB 0 2.1K
Diary of a Professional Knockoff by keira on SB SV FF AO3 161 38K