Stories (6470 Stories)

Title Rating Words Created
A Cape in Konoha [Naruto] by Morgan Arc on SB 744 49K
The price of power is measured in blood [CYOA 3rd Ed] by FrozenTome on SB 49 81K
Tarantula [Fight-Flight-Freeze] by DisloyalDevotee on SB 0 3.6K
Broken Adventure by theaceoffire on SV 210 160K
The Sisters Grimm [RWBY] by DapperDalton on FF 0 3.3K
You Are A Kryptonian Now [Kryptonian SI] by TheEpicLotfi on SB SV 265 51K
Countdowns Neatly Swept Away [Discworld] by PencilMonkeyGaiden on FF 1 1.2K
Skiv [Discworld] by PencilMonkey on SB FF 251 23K
Steamed Hams but it's Armsmaster and Director Piggot [The Simpsons] by EtchJetty on SB AO3 61 20K
Pan-Dimensional Shenanigans by Subverts Expectations on SB 0 6.8K
Worm - Permutations [fiction no crossovers] by Subverts Expectations on SB 22 45K
Headpats by RavensDagger on SB SV AO3 19 4.4K
Triggered Towards the Darkside by Nemesis13 on SB FF 229 8.3K
Sacrament by Hopeful Penguin on SB 241 12K
S0ngD0g's Snippets and Such by S0ngD0g13 on SB 144 190K