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Title Rating Hype Words Created
Taylor's Number One Fan [SI] by The Propa Orky Reda on SB 0 0 4.6K
The Third Door by Dysole on AO3 141 31 40K
A Lost Pyromaniac [DC Universe Online] by SirWill on SB 141 235 19K
The Magus in Training [PF2E] by Bubelah on SB 35 12 51K
Apex Predator by Beastrider9 on SB 541 115 170K
S0ngD0g's Snippets and Such by S0ngD0g13 on SB 283 2 290K
Trailblazer [Gundam] by 3ndless on SB AO3 1175 16 1.6M
I Woke Up As a Dungeon, Now What? [Dungeon] by Aku-dono on SB SV 1838 22 380K
Abnormal [Oops All Yanderes] by FacelessDoll on SB 0 0 8.4K
Lighting Bug [My Hero Academia] by Ultimateraph on AO3 13 14 43K
Worm/High Fantasy quest, name pending. [D D mechanics] by LordsFire on SB 118 28 65K
Placeholder Do Not Click: D by SomeoneYouWontRemember on AO3 91 364 5.2K
Pokemenagerie [Pokemon] by Repenexus on SB 360 400 33K
Sleeping Dragon by Zerrer on SB 166 35 59K
Where The Heart Is [The Boys] by ZFighter18 on SB 0 0 1.3K