Stories (6704 Stories)

Title Rating Words Created
Y'all Are Stupid REDUX [Pokemon] by Jsyrin on SB 0 21K
A Different Time, A Different Age [Age-Swap] by MissBrainProblems on SB SV QQ 76 130K
The Master Summoner [Multi-Crossovers] by dhazellouise on SB FF AO3 QQ 48 11K
Jump Drives and Multidimensional Rifts Don't Mix [Dragon Ball Z] by KotoroShinoto on SB FF 4 5.6K
Mutant Deviations by TemporalKnight on SB FF AO3 313 130K
Magic as we Define it by SleepyBird on SB 0 7.4K
Living The Dream [Kirby] by stabbyGamer on SB 299 73K
An Obligatory Worm Self Insert [Cthulhu Mythos] by HoboGod on SB 128 17K
The Warcrafter [World of Warcraft] by RHJunior on SB SV AO3 549 270K
Augment [Divergence Trump Charlotte] by ccstat on SB SV 30 9.1K
Veni, Vidi, Vici [Friend Insert ft Gabriel] by Birdsie on SB 191 350K
Intrepid by Cerulean on SB SV FF 334 760K
Sanguine Salvation - A Worm Quest by DrTortoise on SB 0 380
It Starts With One by Discreet on SB AO3 740 68K
Twisted Hearts [Persona Series] by BlackDynamite on SB SV FF AO3 35 44K