Stories (10106 Stories)

Title Rating Hype Words Created
007: A Tangled Tress by Ridtom on SB 67 36 12K
Worm, a Horror Story [Game] by Dannyboy3210 on SB 78 111 16K
Doppelganger [CYOA V6] by ThoughtfulMadman on SB SV 26 173 6.5K
Into the Out Of by Whitewings on SB 3 3 7.7K
I Have No Idea What I'm Doing by Nemesis13 on SB 596 33 22K
WALK [Hellsing Abridged] by TDR on SB 740 77 44K
Bad Company by Esbatty on AO3 3 60 4.0K
Luster [OC trans protagonist with shaker powers] by evagrimm on SB SV FF AO3 76 2 370K
Distant Stars [Stellaris Tinker] by Professional Orphan on SB 91 182 29K
A Saints point of view. [story with saints row] by ClumsyKitsune on SB 38 253 13K
Sleeping Dragon by Zerrer on SB 76 152 21K
Apprentice of The Devourer and Other Associated Titles by SirLordQuentinTrembleyIII on SB 204 41 220K
Qro's ideas and snippets by QroGrotor on SB 25 2 86K
Artificial Evolution [OG] by levelgap on SV 34 113 8.2K
Our Shining Savior [Celestial Forge] by happynslappy on SV 372 52 54K