Stories (5397 Stories)

Title Rating Words Created
DL' Snips and one-shots by Deadluck on SB 0 760
Ash to Ice by Bluebel on SV 58 32K
To Fill The Void by that1guy on SB 179 53K
War Diary [SI] by Deadluck on SB SV 54 11K
It Starts With One by Discreet on AO3 25 3.1K
Lodestar [X-Men] by ShayneT on SB FF AO3 1026 183K
Adaptation [Dragon Ball Z] by ShayneT on SB FF AO3 547 140K
Claim The Spoils [Victor] by Lokimotion on SV 0 19K
Claim The Spoils [Victor] by LokiMotion on SB 0 19K
Grail [Fate SI] by Blinktwice13 on SB 256 48K
In the Traveler's Light [Destiny - Warlock] by SniperFrog on SB 415 110K
Fires of the Underworld [Greek Mythology] by Blackhawk748 on SB 330 29K
Nhggr by Tobits on FF 27 8.0K
Remnant of a Worm [RWBY Post-GM] by Half Masked on SB FF FF 442 44K
Skittering Shadows [Naruto] by SatelliteFool on AO3 119 5.5K