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Title Rating Words Created
Mocha Latte Conversations [Slice of Life] by Everents on SB AO3 28 5.2K
Officer Hess [no powers] by freebiewitz on SB SV 77 27K
Duelist's Short Works by Duelist925 on SB 16 8.4K
Sickly Sweet: A Chained Worm Fanfiction by helpmeimscared on SB 0 600
Smile down upon me [Dark Souls] by Treevile on SB 27 10K
Bite-Sized For Convenience [Snippets] by Hyliian on AO3 285 115K
DROP [Ward] by Aktm on SB 70 62K
Coriolanus [BritFic] by DigitalSlavery on SB 0 8.6K
Worm: Plot Bunnies by Fencer22 on FF 127 54K
Advancing Technology by Verona-mira on SB SV 187 19K
Ancient Legos [Stargate: SG-1] by Weldon Kenfield on SB SV FF QQ 281 32K
A Girl And Her Monster by Zira on SB 198 31K
Split by The Laurent on SV 618 510K
N0M4D [40K] by Kerashana on SV 152 12K
A Little Girl's Rap Sheet [Tanya the Evil] by Anubis Dread on SB 405 28K