Stories (10308 Stories)

Title Rating Hype Words Created
Lyric by Esbatty on AO3 1 18 0
This Is Your Only Purpose [Destiny] by Ringed in Spears on SV 554 17 171K
Dreams of Divinity [Original Fantasy Setting] by Wyrdsmithe on SB 172 149 62K
Administrative Mishap [Supergirl] by OxfordOctopus on SB SV AO3 1165 34 930K
Beastie [Sonnie Edge] by FakeWolf on SB SV AO3 115 21 23K
Mutagen by SivamAfterHours on AO3 0 12 2.3K
Desperate Times Call for Desperate Pleasures by R3N41SS4NC3 on SB SV AO3 390 54 78K
Gaia's Retaliation [Jumpchain-variant] by Marauder_Barriers on SB 113 77 72K
HowlingGuardian's Worm Snippets by HowlingGuardian on SB 403 13 58K
Next Wave [Unordinary] by Kokujin on SB SV AO3 3 60 9K
Outcry [Dark Souls] by LD1449 on SB SV FF 626 4 276K
Flickering and Gray [Horror One-Shot] by Junkyardmob on SB 0 0 1.5K
The Long Way Home / Worm Crossover [Spider-Man MCU] by Saucy on SB 430 452 70K
Conquer Them in Order to Save Them [Star Wars] by Nemesis13 on SB FF 421 10 18K
The Wondrous Weaving of Wizardry by Witherbrine26 on SV 74 46 30K