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Title Rating Hype Words Created
A Song of Brutal Escalation [D D 3 5] by Grimmatt on SB SV AO3 178 48 87K
The Ramblings Of A Mad Man: AKA The Obligatory Snippets Thread by Mat92 on SB SV 19 1 23K
Worm - Permutations [fiction no crossovers] by SubvertsExpectations on SB 65 1 82K
007: A Tangled Tress by Ridtom on SB 67 36 13K
Worm, a Horror Story [Game] by Dannyboy3210 on SB 78 111 17K
Doppelganger [CYOA V6] by ThoughtfulMadman on SB SV 26 173 6.5K
Into the Out Of by Whitewings on SB 3 3 7.7K
I Have No Idea What I'm Doing by Nemesis13 on SB 596 33 23K
WALK [Hellsing Abridged] by TDR on SB 740 77 44K
Bad Company by Esbatty on AO3 3 60 4.0K
Luster [OC trans protagonist with shaker powers] by evagrimm on SB SV FF AO3 76 2 370K
Distant Stars [Stellaris Tinker] by Professional Orphan on SB 91 182 29K
A Saints point of view. [story with saints row] by ClumsyKitsune on SB 38 253 13K
Sleeping Dragon by Zerrer on SB 76 152 21K
Apprentice of The Devourer and Other Associated Titles by SirLordQuentinTrembleyIII on SB 204 41 220K