Stories (11514 Stories)

Title Rating Hype Words Created
Patience [Batman: Wayne Family Adventures] by Distraktion on AO3 104 21 0
Mobile Escalation Skitter Gundam by Kryslin on SV 312 178 24K
Scaling Up [Dungeons and Dragons] by Kryslin on SV 1856 26 462K
Make me wild like you [Ranma 1 2] by Spray-on Glasses on SB 0 0 770
Thaumaturgical Ascendance: Sorcerous Essence by MountainMorus on SV 54 135 7.9K
Prowling in the Night [Marvel] by Toucan "Poppy" Jakob on SB 0 0 2.2K
Runaway by Pale Wolf on SV 242 33 78K
Sharp Reflections of a Diamond by anothvortex on SB 174 290 34K
Khepri's End [Borderlands] by jestertypeprose on AO3 53 356 5.5K
Self-insert One Shot Collection [A Song of Ice and Fire] by Not_So_Dark_One on AO3 195 3900 28K
Roma Fade by casualCarnation on SB AO3 222 123 82K
Reestablishment by Magister Torvus on SB 428 23 210K
The Gallery [OC] by MJR RI on SB 24 68 16K
another fistful of omake by nimodes on AO3 154 7 522K
Orderly [Semi-SI] by Obscura on SB SV AO3 416 12 300K