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Title Rating Hype Words Created
Mediator by UnderTheGrove on AO3 9 96 0
The Charlatans by rusty_the_dalek on AO3 31 8 0
Peasant [Thinker Trump] by Ammenuria on SB AO3 637 386 308K
Greg Veder the Heroine? [Supergirl] by SpearOfAudacity on AO3 94 27 4.7K
Highway to Heck by harumiyo on AO3 126 5 15K
A Stingker in Brockton Bay by BigTomes on SB 23 35 16K
Dragon Fly by Eri Karasik on SB AO3 AO3 AO3 18 2 51K
Ratchet [OC] by The Truitt on SB 0 0 3.9K
Hereafter [Fate Grand Order] by James D. Fawkes on SB SV SV AO3 1149 20 940K
Gloryhound [Jujutsu Kaisen SI] by Kokujin on SB SV AO3 640 203 38K
Collab [HoloLive] by Johnnyboy306 on SB SV AO3 430 182 37K
Friendly Neighborhood Silk by Revelations1911 on SB 475 125 130K
City of Night and Swarms [Cyberpunk] by MyriadCosteau on SB 238 19 18K
Man on the Street [The Magnus Archives] by Chemistree on AO3 41 75 13K
What Hides in Shadows - A Worm Creepypasta [Creepypasta] by Beastrider9 on SB AO3 275 11 650K