Stories (12694 Stories)

Title Rating Hype Words Created
Bonding Winds Upon the Bay [Monster Hunter Stories] by Shizukana_Kitsune on SB 11 22 4K
Goddamn Teenagers [Time Travel] by dc2008 on SB SV AO3 889 145 65K
Jaune Pendragon's worm snippets and ideas by Homura Kami on SV 170 1 200K
Building Steam [Fallout: New Vegas] by Owlfurret on AO3 63 10 49K
Main Character Syndrome [Isekai] by Yami Fenrir on SB 114 91 22K
Drift [post-Leviathan divergence] by Octobre on SB SV AO3 358 166 39K
Guestman's ideas and snippets by Guestman on SB 50 0 190K
Dream Gone Wrong... Or Right? by YumikoVII on SB 15 15 3.1K
Earning Her Stripes by Ack on SB SV FF QQ 655 8 140K
Maid of the Pandemonium [Touhou Project] by Thepingman on SB FF 219 2 150K
See what thinking with the little guy dose? by Eckiger on AO3 3 60 1.2K
New World New Life [Persona 3] by soulnight114 on SB AO3 103 76 20K
A daring synthesis [Gamer] by Ironypus on SB FF 893 7 250K
A Woman's Touch by Letomo on SB 173 111 27K
Avowed Worm [Super Supportive] by Charmed_Not on AO3 4 96 0