Stories (12168 Stories)

Title Rating Hype Words Created
StargazingSeraphs Oneshots and Shorts by StargazingSeraph on SB 48 240 20K
The Leviathan [Marvel] by IndiWest on SB 32 53 7.8K
Dragon: Case 53 by Sinner9821 on AO3 22 4 8.4K
A Loaded Gun by TheSleepingKnight on AO3 177 221 7.0K
Hammerfall Quest by Whitewings on SB 43 5 120K
Angler by visavia on SB AO3 85 29 52K
Built To Last by We Just Write on SV 108 180 7.5K
She said yes by Hair_Colour_Broccoli on AO3 36 65 3.4K
City of Night and Swarms [Cyberpunk] by MyriadCosteau on SB 145 207 9.3K
Worm: Hasbro Villains [G.I. Joe] by Madhat886 on AO3 5 108 2.4K
Shard Effect: Renegade [Mass Effect] by Lt. Ouroumov on AO3 296 204 46K
Lonely Star why are you far? by LazyFrog on SB SV AO3 119 27 44K
The Paragamer Book II [Gamer w OCs] by 0100010 on SB 246 13 120K
Legendary Tinker [League of Legends] by Fabled_Webs on SB SV QQ 469 14 334K
Tinker of Fiction, Reawakening [Tinker of Fiction] by Hydralisk on SV 82 102 3.5K