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Title Rating Hype Words Created
A Lost Pyromaniac [DC Universe Online] by SirWill on SB 398 117 51K
Redemption Quest [Exalted semi Peggy Sue] by MageOhki on SB 46 7 74K
Russian Caravan by ReavingBishop on SB 0 0 4K
Like Minds by Nemesis13 on SB 273 14 11K
A Chrysalis Amidst Embers [Honkai Impact] by notthepenguins on SV AO3 170 34 51K
A Tale of Many Taylors [Conquest: First Blood] by Jokuul_Raseri on AO3 4 96 648
Exodus [Big Hero 6] by LD1449 on SB SV AO3 1074 10 240K
A Swirling Storm of Snippets! [Super Sentai Series] by anothvortex on SB AO3 188 9 180K
Trailblazer [Gundam] by 3ndless on SB AO3 1222 16 1.6M
Administrative Mishap [Supergirl] by OxfordOctopus on SB SV AO3 1215 31 1.1M
Dungeon Warlord [Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?] by bridie on SB AO3 376 183 111K
The Earth Bet Vermintide [Warhammer Fantasy] by Beastrider9 on SB 298 331 82K
Worm/High Fantasy quest, name pending. [Dungeons and Dragons mechanics] by LordsFire on SB 162 23 100K
A Rift Opens on Earth Bet [Rifts] by Magicgearhulk on SB 10 8 6.9K
Ultra Beast of the Bay [Pokemon] by Jsyrin on AO3 639 581 38K