Stories (12980 Stories)

Title Rating Hype Words Created
JoJo no KImyou na bouken: Johnny Joestar! Su determinacin [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] by Fanficfan120 (Storycaster)Storycaster on AO3 4 4 3.7K
Arcanologist [SI] by ManBeforeTheUniverse on SB SV SV 14 70 6.8K
Multiversal Mother [Multi-Cross] by InsaneSmirkingRevenge on SB 5 50 6.8K
Brockton's Celestial Forge [Jumpchain] by Lord Roustabout (Lord_Roustabout) on SV SV FF AO3 3391 45 2.2M
Simply A Projection [Projection] by Refure on SB 128 49 250K
Robbery Shortcake by BorninSpace on AO3 AO3 3 1 742
Carnevale by MasterDuplicator on SB AO3 173 30 34K
Fate/In Glory Of by Jefardi on SB SV 160 6 100K
The Archivist by Pelicanidae on SB 193 31 430K
A Wormian Cant by Blankly_Staring on AO3 15 1 47K
Enterprise [Star Trek] by Kinsfire (The_REAL_Kinsfire) on AO3 106 40 14K
Flourish [CardCaptor Sakura] by Versias on SB 165 58 42K
Drawing the Line [Kara no Kyoukai Nasuverse] by seikaijichi on SB 109 726 11K
Always Look On The Bright Side... omake [GGUST] by Ace Dreamer on SV 40 22 23K
Saints and Sinners [Ghost Rider] by TheStranger on SB SV 936 21 140K