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Title Rating Hype Words Created
Masterweaver's Random Seeds [Mass Effect Trilogy] by Masterweaver on AO3 232 16 0
Quest by Irregular Pancake on SB 0 0 3.8K
Firehawk's Long Overdue Snippets Thread by Firehawk242 on SB 513 31 111K
What's your favorite Fairytale? by ToucanPoppyJakob on SV 96 96 19K
Summoner by SomeoneYouWontRemember on AO3 846 76 218K
Wingstuck by ApatheticTangerine on SB 127 84 25K
Weary Wanderer Side Stories [Final Fantasy XIV] by SmartAlek on AO3 6 120 4.1K
Wound [Post-Ward Amy] by SprialHelix on SB AO3 44 10 110K
Luck of the Draw by Masterweaver on SB 9 45 4K
Architect of Infinity by The_Chronomancer on AO3 66 222 35K
What Hides in Shadows - A Worm Creepypasta by Beastrider9 on SB 82 126 71K
Spirit of Sisterhood [OC] by Sierra101 on SB SV AO3 69 30 91K
Gaia's Retaliation [Jumpchain-variant] by Marauder_Barriers on SB 157 10 120K
The Wandering Gamer [OC Wandering Inn] by chimmon on SB AO3 259 60 59K
One of billions [SI] by Bra300 on SV 30 1 4.8K